Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello Kitty Is Missing Her Mini Netbook!


Thinking of getting a notebook? I am and Hello Kitty is too. This AUTH SANRIO HELLO KITTY LAPTOP MINI NOTEBOOK BAG BLACK 10" would make the perfect accompaniment for my mini Netbook. Well pals we got some shopping to do so let us get on with it!

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    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    Hello Kitty Gets Cozy and Comfy!

    Sew a Hello Kitty Cushion
    Well not yet! First we have to make this cute hello kitty cushion by using the Sew a Hello Kitty Cushion template. Then she can get all cozy and comfy! And we can join her in the bedroom or in the living room or on a beautiful trip somewhere. She's easy to make and fun to be around so let's get started!

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      Tuesday, February 16, 2010

      Hello Kitty Sides With The Nerds!

      Loungefly Sanrio Hello Kitty I Love Nerds Tote Bag

      So Hello Kitty is taking sides? Or is Hello Kitty just a people person and loves everyone - nerds included? From the looks of it, Hello Kitty thinks there are two types of people, the normal guy who just wants things that work and the nerds who make it happen! Well you can make anything happen with this Loungefly Sanrio Hello Kitty I Love Nerds Tote Bag! Go shopping with it, travel with it and so many other dozens of uses, and in the meantime whilst you are deciding what to do, remember there is a lot to be thankful to these nerds for. They are the ones who don't just want things that work.

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        Can Hello Kitty Keep A Secret?

        Blackberry Tour 9630 Purple Hello Kitty Case #28

        Hello Kitty love being in on the conversation! Don't leave her out! You can include Hello Kitty every where you go and feel comfortable knowing she won't ever rat on you! This Blackberry Tour 9630 Purple Hello Kitty Case #28 comes in purple, a popular color beloved by many girls.

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          Monday, February 15, 2010

          Hello Kitty Wants To Be On Top!

          Hello Kitty - Car Antenna Topper

          Sure the creators of this Hello Kitty Antenna Toppers weren't worried when they created this Hello Kitty Topper. Why? Because like any kitty, she is smart enough to sit on top of your car antenna and hold on! She won't go missing easily because this is where she belong, and where she really wants to be, but if she does go missing remember its not of her own account. After all she is very eye catching and attractive and some secret admirer might just want to get their hands on her. Specs: This Hello Kitty - Car Antenna Topper weighs four ounce.

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            Saturday, February 13, 2010

            Hello Kitty Is Ready To Assist With The Diapers!

            Hello Kitty Diaper Duffle Bag

            Hello! Is there a new baby in the house? Wonderful. Congrats on the new little one. Now mom and dad..don't you think it is time you allow Hello Kitty to assist you?! How can hello kitty help out? Well for one, Hello Kitty can carry the extra diapers and baby essentials you need in this Hello Kitty Baby Diaper Bag. The 15" x 11" x 4" Hello Kitty baby Diaper Duffle Bag comes with two side mesh pockets, and two front Velcro enclosure departments, and adjustable straps. See more bags here.

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              Friday, February 12, 2010

              Hello Kitty Needs A Warm Up!

              Hello Kitty Toaster - KT5211
              With all the snow that has been going down these days, people stuck in 10 feet of snow and's no wonder Hello Kitty is freezing! Sure you can work out some sort of deal with Hello Kitty? Thanks to Kim, Hello Kitty can now keep warm each time you have bread to toast! Both your needs will be met! Hello Kitty Toaster - KT5211 is so pretty, it looks cute just sitting on your shelf! But mind you, when she is busy keeping warm she is sure to let you know with a cute imprint of her trademark! Her cute kitty face on your toast. Guess that is her way of thanking you for keeping her warm.

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                Thursday, February 11, 2010

                Hello Kitty Bunny Just In Time For Easter!

                Hello Kitty Bunny Snow 8" Plush

                 With Easter just around the corner this Hello Kitty Bunny Snow 8" Plush is a perfect compliment for the Easter season. Take her and stuff her in a cute basket filled with eggs and confetti and other Easter related gifts and send her to someone special. Perhaps there is someone whose birthday falls on Easter? Then this Hello Kitty Plush Bunny Snow would make the perfect gift.

                Hello World! This is my first post!

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